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PIDA 2021
/ Winner: Highest Level of Innovation Award Sweden

Förpackningsdesign & konstruktion
Tillsammans med: Emelie Franck & Elin Andersson

Art Director 

Grafisk formgivare
Konstruktion (snurrhållaren)

A luxury packaging for fictitious skin care brand called Norgård. Norgård is a small, idyllic place located on the west coast of Sweden, which the packaging design is inspired by. We have created two packaging designs; they are a part of a series. These two packages are made to be an experience for the consumer. We used embossing to create a feeling off seaweed and sand, a scent inside of the boxes. Light colors to create a minimalistic design inspired from Scandinavian design.

When you open the packaging the scent of salt spray, sea kelp, hawthorn and beach rose bring you to the ocean.


Motivation of the jury: Tactile from the outside surface to the fixing of the product. Executed in a recognizable format, easy to understand, it surprises us with a well thought movement which comes alive when unboxing. With two to choose from, one becomes invisible, the other invincible.

animiertes-gif-von-online-umwandeln-de (1).gif

Brief from PIDA:
The key word is senses.

What makes a package unique and memorable? Is it the touch, the visual impression, the sound, the scent? Or all of the above? When experiencing a package, we use all our senses and in a more and more digital world the importance of engaging all the senses is increasing. Unboxing videos showing off a new product in its package by using all senses have become very popular. A luxury brand of today has a lot to gain by taking advantage of this opportunity to get the consumers attention by touching the senses.

Create a sustainable, innovative and functional packaging concept that talks to the senses and stands out. Use a fictitious brand and create a unique packaging solution.
Be innovative, be bold, be playful!


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